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Reaching items in high places can be challenging for elderly people. Step stools with handles are ideal for anyone needing extra mobility and stability when reaching for things. This blog post will cover why step stools with handles benefit older adults, how to use them, and where to find them.

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Benefits of Step Stools With Handles

Step stools with handles are perfect for elderly people who need assistance in reaching higher surfaces or shelves. These stools provide additional support and stability that traditional step ladders do not offer. The handle on the chair allows it to be easily maneuvered so seniors can move it around more quickly than a ladder. Additionally, the handle provides extra support while standing on the stool, so they feel secure while reaching up high. Furthermore, step stools with handles often have non-slip surfaces, reducing the chance of slipping or falling.

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How to Use Step Stools With Handles

When using a step stool with a handle, ensure you have enough space around it, so you don’t trip over anything or lose your balance while climbing up or down. Place your hands securely on the handle before stepping onto the platform, and ensure that it is firmly planted on the ground before you stand up on it. When climbing down from the stool, keep your body weight centered over your feet as you lower yourself down one step at a time until both feet are back on solid ground again. Lastly, return the stool to its storage place after use, as leaving it out could become an obstacle for someone walking by.

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Where To Find Step Stools With Handles?

Step stools with handles can be found in most hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes, although they may also be available at medical supply stores, depending on where you live. You may find them online through websites like Amazon or other specialty homes product retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target if they carry those in-store locations near you. Prices range from $15 to $50 depending on size and quality, but discounts are often available online, so it pays to shop around!

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For older adults who need extra support when trying to reach items located in higher places, step stools with handles offer a perfect solution! They provide additional stability compared to traditional step ladders plus they come equipped with non-slip surfaces, which help reduce falls or slips while using them. Step stools can be found at most hardware stores and online retailers like Amazon, so finding one should be easy! Remember that using these handy tools safely will ensure that you remain safe when attempting to reach items that are out of arm’s reach!

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